Agiloft Implementation

Agiloft Implementation


Collins Technology Consulting has been working with Agiloft since 2015 and has worked on many Agiloft Implementations gaining experience in all aspects of Agiloft Service Implementation and the Agiloft approach to projects.

Project have including Sell Side Contracts in the Hospitality sector and both buy and sell side contract management for a heavy industrial equipment manufacturer/ supplier.

A Typical Agiloft Implementation

  • Project Kick Off
    • Identify all the key Project Stakeholders
  • Initial Discovery
    • Customer Requirements Gathering
    • Process Reviews
    • Draft specification
  • 1st Iteration
    • This will produce an agreed set of functionality from the specification
    • Review build with the client
    • Update specification with any changes
  • Design Review and 2nd Iteration
    • The number of iterations will depend on the complexity of the project
  • Repeat Design Review’s and go through another iteration if required
  • Data Import and Migration Planning
  • Testing
    • The Client should provide clear test cases to verify the system performs as expected
    • We will review the system using these test cases during developer testing
    • The Client will be required to perform their own independent use case testing as part of acceptance
  • Review any change’s that may come out from testing
    • It’s only when a Client get’s hands on during testing that they may find they would like some of the functionality changing
  • Make any final changes
  • Go Live Preparation
    • Prepare for live data take on and data migration
    • Set up all user accounts and associated data
    • Training
  • Documentation
    • All implementations are provided with detailed technical documentaion and user guides

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