Agiloft Solutions

Agiloft – The Complete Solution

The Agiloft System contains all the functionality you need to support your business.

The system is not licensed per business function, so whatever you choose the initial implementation to be it means you can extend the systems use into other areas with no additional costs for using more functionality (Additional users licence and hosting fees may apply).

  • Service Desk Suite
    • Customer Support
    • Internal Help Desk
    • Asset Management
    • Change Management
    • ITIL and ITSM
    • IT Ticketing System
    • RMA Management
    • License Generation
  • Contract Lifecycle
    • Contract Repository
    • Contract Creation
    • Approval Workflows
  • Workflow and BPM
    • Custom Workflows
    • Project & Task Management
    • Custom BPM

And with great audit trails and tracking this can help your organisation with Regulatory Compliance.

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