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PIN Prompt helps you remember multiple PIN numbers for your bank and credit cards in a simple/secure way.

Create your account and enter the PIN.

Select the size of the grid you want to hide your PIN number in.

Tap in a pattern of your choice in the number grid to load up you PIN Number.

When the PIN number has been entered the app will highlight the first digit, and play back the number to re-enforce the pattern used to enter the number.

When you’re happy, simply press ‘DONE’ and the number grid is stored.

Just look at the grid of numbers and read your PIN out using the pattern you stored.

With this system you can use the same pattern to store any number of PIN numbers, much more secure than using the same number for all your accounts.

For your security the application does not store any record of your PIN number, it just stores the number grid. Only you know the pattern required to read the PIN number back out.


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